New Antiques Account
$$$Create an Antiques Account, and earn money by selling your antiques!
By creating an Antiques Account, you will be able to add new items to the site from the Antiques Account Area. Customers who place an order will pay directly to your PayPal or Paymate account. Once an order is received, you will be notified to ship it directly to the customer. If you selected Leads as your method of payment, then customers will contact you directly through the messaging system.

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If you make any sales, then before the end of the following month, you will be required to pay a commission fee of 0% of the order subtotal. The maximum commission you will ever by charged is $0 per order. For a $30.00 sale, your commission would be $0.00. For a $300.00 sale, your commission would be only $0.00. Alternately, if you have made any leads, then you may communicate freely with those shoppers until you are ready to send personal contact information. The Direct Lead fee is $0.00 per shopper. You can use Direct Leads to sell services, build a client database, advertise your website, and more. Antiques merchants who make the most sales and direct leads will have their products listed with a higher priority.

In the Antiques Account Area, there are 3 ways to add your products. 1) Add New Product includes advanced features like multiple closeup images, multiple selector options, and more. 2) Fast Add is very speedy if you know the UPC, ASIN, eBay Item ID, EAN, and/or ISBN product identifiers of each item. Just enter in whatever unique product identifiers that you know, along with your price and inventory, and we will automatically lookup the Product Name, Image URL, Description, Weight, and Category for you. 3) Mass Import allows you to import large databases. Specific instructions are provided for tab-spaced text inventory files, Amazon inventory files, and FillZ integration. If you choose FillZ integration, you can have your items easily imported to Sell The Antiques as well as eBay, and Amazon simultaneously.
Mass Import

Once you login to the Antiques Account Area and create at least one item, we give you a special URL that earns you 0% commission from every sale and direct lead that you refer (maximum $0 per order). You get paid not only from sales of your own products, but for sales from other merchants as well.

Antiques Account Terms & Conditions

As an antiques merchant of Sell The Antiques, you will be held fully liable for all shipping and customer service relating to your sales. Also, you agree to fully abide by the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy and the Paymate Terms of Use, which imposes restrictions on certain types of sales. Furthermore, you agree to fully abide by the Sell The Antiques Terms and Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to terminate your account at any time without notice.

New customers may contact you through the Sell The Antiques messaging system. After any sale, customers will be provided with your full name, address, phone number, and email. As the antiques merchant, you will receive an email invoice showing the order total, items purchased, customer name, customer shipping address, customer phone number, and email address. Upon every sale, you must contact the customer to inform them of the expected date of delivery and any tracking numbers.

For questions about this website, please contact Sell The Antiques at support (@) selltheantiques ! com.